5 accessories you need to pack when travelling abroad

If you’re planning a summer holiday or you’re off on a business trip, the chances are that you’ve been thinking about what you need to pack. Worry no more, as we’ve rounded up a list of the top five accessories and gadgets you need to think about when travelling.

1. Phone charger

It sounds obvious, but it’s commonly overlooked – especially when you’re used to having a phone charger plugged into every empty socket. Make sure you pack the appropriate phone charger and a travel adapter, if necessary, and even consider one of the “power banks” that are available for sale online. These “banks” are great for airports, as they mean you can charge your phone, iPad or laptop, even when you’re away from a power outlet.

2. Glasses case

Whether you wear glasses for reading or you’ve packed your favourite designer sunglasses for your holiday, it’s important you protect them – especially when travelling. Rather than putting your glasses on the top of your head or through a chain, consider one of the Eyecon sunglasses cases on offer at Eyeconic Society. Not only do they look fantastic, but they’re made from genuine cow leather, a goat hide inner, a high-quality Italian zip and come with free delivery in the United Kingdom. They’re a must-have for fashion-lovers.

3. Head rest

If you’re travelling a long distance in a car, on a train or in an airplane, then you should consider investing in a head rest to protect your neck. Look around and see what’s on offer – some are inflatable, meaning they won’t take up any room in your hand luggage.

4. Travel apps

 If you’re travelling to a new country and need help with directions, things to do, places to eat and speaking the lingo, then there’s an app for that. Visit your app store before travelling and find an app that works for you – but be sure to check that you can use it without data if you don’t have an international roaming package. And, while we’re on that note, consider investing in a local SIM card when you get to your chosen destination to reduce your phone bill. You don’t want to end up like Shannon Mills, who was sent a £21,000 bill after using her phone abroad in Turkey.

5. 100ml products

Airport regulations mean that you won’t be able to bring your full-sized beauty products through security, so consider purchasing 100ml variations of your favourite hand creams, lotions, perfumes and moisturisers so that you can look after your skin on the airplane.

There you have it – five things you need to pack if you want when travelling abroad. Whether you’re going to Benidorm or Barcelona, have a great time!

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