About to set off on holiday? Well here are a few items you should tuck into your luggage if you haven’t already. They won’t take up much additional space, but they will help you to make the most of your capsule wardrobe, and they’ll prove extremely versatile too:

1. Scarf style

Pack a shawl or a broad scarf; and you can use it in numerous situations, to dress up a plain outfit, to cover your shoulders in the sun, to warm you in the evening or to wrap up in on the beach after a dip in the sea. So add a colourful scarf to your suitcase, and you’ll find it comes into its own on numerous occasions.

2. Sunglasses at the ready

Luxury sunglasses are a must have in your holiday suitcase, not only will they leave you feeling comfortable in the glare of the sun, but they’ll strike the right style note too, giving that laid back touch of glamour you want, so that you make just the right impression. Add vintage chic to your outfit by donning sunglasses with a retro 70’s vibe, the bigger and bolder the frames the better; and you can ape the style of your favourite celebrities.

3. Sassy statement necklace

A bold, colourful necklace is just the accessory to take you from day to night and is a great way to freshen up your capsule holiday wardrobe, giving tried and tested outfits a new look. Choose something distinctive and attention grabbing, like bright beads or a chunky metallic option; and no one will notice your crumpled sun dress or worn-twice jeans. A statement necklace is a perfect way to cheer up neutral clothes as few accessories – except perhaps your sunglasses – will look so good with both casual and smart outfits.

4. One plain dress excels

You can use all of the above to dress up one wardrobe stable – a plain stylish dress. We’ve deliberately avoided the term “little black dress” here, firstly because a maxi dress is probably much more use on a beach holiday; and because it needn’t be black at all, though the more pared down the style, the more versatile, it will be. Whether you want to hop into town sightseeing or head to a restaurant to enjoy some local fare, a throw-it-on dress will take you through the day, from the beach to the town.

5. An outsize shirt is essential

A long sleeved shirt is another holiday must have that you’ll be able to dress up or down; and will prove eminently practical. Wear it over leggings or your jeans, tie your scarf around it or dress it up with your necklace; and you’ll be all ready to hit the town. Moreover, you can find a plethora of non-iron options that will leave you looking fresh and crumple free.

Your holiday essentials

So there you have a few added extras you should be sure to squeeze into your suitcase, in addition to your passport, nick nocks, bikini, suncream and holiday essentials. Don’t go without them now.

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