A beginner’s guide to collecting Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are grabbing everybody’s attention because of their distinct appeal and high decorative value. These are based on interesting designs and their amazing look makes them an eye-grabbing keepsake. This is the reason why these nodders are being marketed as collectibles and are gaining popularity amongst hobbyists like ticket collectors, map collectors etc.

Bobbleheads historical facts

The nodders found the major fan base in 1900s, but it was in mid-eighties that these wobblers got their first mention in a short story written by Niolai Gogol. The character’s physical characteristics were described as similar to the plaster cats that wagged their heads. Thus, the world saw the first description of Bobblehead. This mannequin like nodder ultimately put the fans in frenzy with Major League Baseball in 1960s when custom sports bobbleheads were made available as giveaways during the event. The players were given a caricature look in the form of bobblehead and every fan vied to have as many of them as possible in their collection.

Top 5 ways an enthusiast can get bobble heads

Collectors need to know about various sources of bobbleheads to enrich their collection in minimal efforts. Though there is always an adventure factor attached to any hobby and one should reach the collectibles in the most organic way, but just for a kick-start it is essential to know from where one can get bobbleheads.

  • NIB – It stands for ‘New in Box’. Bobblehead collection has turned out to be a serious business. So, collectors make extra effort in finding the nodder whose originality cannot be challenged. A piece that comes exactly as was issued and authenticated further with the supporting documents in the thing to die for. Thus, NIB is an attention-worthy term to look for while collecting wobblers.
  • SGA – This is the acronym for Stadium Giveaways. Bobbleheads are used as giveaways at stadium to the sports enthusiasts. These wobblers form a part of promotional scheme and are announced in order to attract larger audience. SGAs are sponsored by the organizers and thus, are mostly available free of cost. Sometimes, to get the seats filled faster, bobblehead is also announced for a pre-planned number of the earliest buyers.
  • Retail – If you want personalized bobbleheads, you must pay visit to retail stores that stock these primarily. An ardent collector has to keep track of the limited editions and also of the hot arrivals to join the league of first lucky buyers.

Maintaining Bobble heads

Bobbleheads need special storage. Though they may look quite strong, but they are actually fragile and cannot survive manhandling. It is advisable to store them in cardboxes, or original packing secured further with bubble sheets. These wobblers can also be stored in display boxes that are designed for the same purpose. These boxes allow the owners to display their collection without exposing them to any sort of threat.

The world of Bobbleheads is quite fascinating. If you are an avid collector, the facts mentioned above are surely going to give you fresher perspective of your hobby.

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