A Man’s Guide To Looking More Fashionable

For many men out there, fashion is something of a mystery. They do their best to look appropriate in various circumstances, and they know they need to look smart at work, but that’s about where their fashion knowledge cuts off. If you’re one of those guys but you’d love to up the ante a little when it comes to the way you dress – here’s your chance. We’ve got a few simple tips that will help you boost your fashion game without totally overhauling your wardrobe and blowing your budget.

Start From The Bottom

Before you start worrying about the rest of your outfit, you can focus on the foundation. The staple of any great outfit, particularly when it comes to men’s fashion, is in the shoes. For many years, shoes were thought of as women’s fashion territory, but this is most definitely no longer the case. These days, there are tons of great options out there to help you express your style, personality, and creativity through footwear. To start with something simple but timelessly chic, invest in some high-quality leather rm williams boots Sydney to make sure you have a set of killer boots that you can wear with almost any outfit.

Nurture Personal Style

This is a bit of a tricky one as it’s highly personal; that’s why it’s called ‘personal style’ after all. For many men, the struggle of shopping for new clothes comes with the feeling that they don’t really have a personal style. You don’t have to stay stuck in that rut – there are things that can help. Consider actors or musicians you admire and look at the types of clothes they’re often photographed in. Take note of what features of their outfits appeal to you, and why. Browse men’s magazines, read the fashion pages, and visit fashion blogs to check out trends. You’ll soon find that certain looks stand out to you, and you can use the opinions you develop to embrace your very own sense of personal style.

Focus On Fit

Even if you’re wearing an expensive suit or a set of designer jeans, you may look totally unfashionable because of the fit. When you’re buying any new item, make sure that it genuinely fits your body well, and experiment with sizing to get the look right. This is especially important for clothes you invest in for formal occasions, like suits, and shirts that you wear frequently to work. Get a tailored, neat fit that flatters your physique rather than grabbing something off the rack and running with it.

Keep It Simple

While graphic tees may be fun, if you want a more grown up, stylish look, you’re going to need to move away from the adolescent feel of a silly graphic t-shirt and opt for simpler looks. A thinly striped crew neck t-shirt or solid color fitted tee looks far cooler than a baggy shirt with a silly slogan. Try to look for simple, chic items that you can wear with a variety of different outfits. The same theory applies to your denim. You don’t need a set of faded, ripped up jeans to look cool. A slim style in a dark wash generally looks fashion-forward in a range of circumstances and, with the right fit, will flatter most body types.

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