Are You Short and Feel That Your Life Is Just Not That Great?

Do you feel insignificant or under-appreciated? How tall are you? It is a fact that society favors taller people since height is a trait that has subconsciously affect everyday lives.


Your height as an adult affects the perceived quality of life, with people who are shorter reporting worse mental and physical health than those of normal height. This large, peer-reviewed study, appearing in Clinical Endocrinology, showed that adult height is linked to how good a person thinks their health is. Short people believe the quality of life to be lower than their normal height peers. This is referred to as HRQoL or health-related quality of life.

Solve the problem

But there is a way to solve how a person feels about height and those can be helped with shoe lifts as well as height insoles. This is because a person’s health-related quality of life refers to their perceived mental and physical over time – not what their health really is. It is not a real measure of their real health.


All of this comes from a questionnaire that scrutinized 5 areas of well-being:

  • Self-care
  • Mobility
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Usual activities
  • Pain/discomfort

Other indicators of HRQoL such as gender, age, weight, long-standing illness, and social class were controlled by researchers so perceived quality of life could be better measured.

Short related to fashion?

Many believe that being short is related to fashion since we perceive that men and women who are taller are more fashionable or can wear the latest clothes better than a short person can. Short people have problems finding clothing that fits just right – especially short women.

Adult life

Short height in adult life can either be due to normal development or can be caused by several diseases such as Turner syndrome or growth hormone deficiency. Treatment for growth hormone in children having these problems can increase their final height as an adult.

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