Many of us would be happy to have fuller, more luscious lips, but might feel that we’re stuck with our natural facial features. If you want a gorgeous pout without any dramatic commitment involved, don’t stress. There are plenty of simple and natural ways to boost your lip volume, and many of them are inexpensive and easy. Try some of these tricks out today for speedy results.

1. Lip injections:

Remember when Kylie Jenner promised that her impressive smile was all down to clever lip lining techniques? Well, she lied. When it comes to solutions that truly alter the shape of your lips, dermal fillers perth are the best way forward. They’re an effective and safe choice for people with thin lips who haven’t seen results through home remedies or cosmetic tricks. You should see long-lasting results, but they will have to be re-done in around 6-12 months to maintain your new look.

2. Exfoliate away dryness:

Not only is dry skin uncomfortable and unhealthy, it can also alter the way your skin appears. When the skin on your lips is dry, it won’t reflect light in the same way and can make the area appear smaller. Use a lip exfoliating product and a small toothbrush to scrub away dry skin, revealing a natural glow and softer, more kissable lips.

3. Apply gloss strategically:

Your favourite high school beauty product could be making a comeback. Use a lip gloss in a shade that’s close to the lipstick you’re using or your natural lip colour and dab some in the centre of your lips. The effect should be subtle, but it will draw light into the centre of your mouth creating a fuller appearance. You can also use a highlighting pen on the cupid’s bow of your lips to draw additional light.

4. Use a base:

Before you put lipstick on, use a coat of a specialist lip base product to hydrate the area and plump up the skin. Once the colour is on your lips should look fuller. For maximum plumping, opt for a base that contains peppermint oil. It’ll naturally enhance the circulation in your lips and create a slight puffing effect. Let the balm soak in before using lipstick to get the most from the product.

5. Play with lip liner:

Many of us are scared of lip liner, but every makeup artist knows that it’s an absolute essential if you want to create beautiful lips with your beauty bag. Opt for a liner in a colour about 2 shades darker than your lips, and experiment over-lining slightly to enhance the shape of your lips. Don’t go overboard with this one or you may end up looking a little silly – just start small and see how it looks. You can fill your entire lips in with the liner – it works just as well as a matte lipstick.

6. Buy plumping products:

Because full lips are all the rage these days, there are some great products out there to experiment with. Try a gloss with peptides if you want a temporary volume boost that lasts an hour or so and then reapply when it seems to be wearing off. Some of these products can have a numbing or tingling effect when applied, but it should feel pleasant and never uncomfortable.

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