Bio of Paul Marciano, the Co-Founder of Guess? Inc. 

Paul Marciano the co-founder of Guess? Inc. was born in Debdou, Morocco, 1951 and raised in Marseilles, France with his four siblings: Armand, Georges, Maurice, and Jacqueline.

At 17

When Paul was 17 he began working as a salesman in a jeans store, and on Saturdays and Sundays, he worked in a club checking coats alongside his brothers Maurice who was at the bar and Georges –who was at the front door.

Design ties

At the age of 17, Georges, his brother, started to design ties. Maurice started to work with him making the ties, and Paul would sell the designs in Paris, going back and forth, until he sold all of them. Ties led to blouses for women. One style, one size, one color: all-white.

Vacation L.A. California

On October 1977 the brothers went for a week-and-a-half vacation staying at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in L.A. They ultimately stayed for a month and a half. Before they left, they bought a condominium and signed leases for two stores. Approximately 3 weeks later Georges came back and stayed there with Maurice. Two years later, after wrapping up their business in France, Armand and Paul arrived.

Start of Guess? Inc.

Guess? Inc. started in December 1981 by Georges and Maurice first. Meanwhile Paul and Armand were handling the retail operations of MGA that had 4 stores in the USA. Did they join Guess? Inc. several months later.

Grew fast

Guess? Inc. grew very fast and in 1984 Jordache made an offer to become partners and the brothers agreed. Things with the partnership with Jordache begin going bad in 1989, after a long legal feud. A California superior court jury found that Jordache and its owners had deceitfully lured the Marcianos into the transaction. They separated forces in 1990.


In 1993 Paul became the president and chief operating officer of the company. His advertisements in black-and-white have won many Clio Awards.

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