Black and Blue Tungsten Rings

Since the beginning of times, wedding rings represent the most tangible symbol of eternal love around the world. Even when in the Ancient time used to believe that rings signify a gateway into a new world or new life, the truth is that they can transport you but to a new world of style and luxury, especially for the varieties that offer the tungsten wedding rings and for being more precise, black and blue tungsten rings.

Tungsten rings are a combination of this metal with carbon to form what is called “tungsten carbide”, the process of melting is extremely hard and has a melting point of 6100 degrees Fahrenheit, this number in the Mohs Scales of Hardness, is equivalent to a 9 from 10, only one point under diamonds and making this material four times harder than Titanium.

If the whole process is completed perfectly, the alloy never would get scratched and the polish would last forever. The advantage of this material is its long-lasting life cycle and that’s why they are ideal as wedding rings. Also, the combinations of minerals or metals can vary making them lighter, for example, when tungsten is mixed with titanium the weight reduces about 20 percent.

Naturally, these rings are grey, nevertheless, through the process of PVD can be given different colors which resembles the color of an onyx, this process is commonly preferred for younger couples who wish to stand out and go for something out from their comfort zone for getting unique wedding bands on their rings.

The scratch-resistance is the prior property of this kind of rings, but many people ask if they really are or not. Yes, they are, nevertheless, the rings can get scratches through an extreme measure like rubbing it against a piece of diamond. Otherwise, some people advise to take the ring off during home labors for avoiding risks.

In conclusion, tungsten rings with colors are the most recent trend among the young couples. Even when some people think that black rings represent negative vibes such as death and emptiness, the black color also represent power, strength, and certainly giving to modern couples this concept and immediately providing them the strength to getting out of the comfort zone and taking a fast-growing trend that symbolizes eternal commitment based on the new metals and the black color to emphasize that commitment.

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