Bridal Shower Gifts: Check Out 1.74 High Index Lenses Review

What is a bridal shower, and when should you plan it? What’s the protocol when it comes to gifts? Well, have you ever thought about giving your lovely ladies in waiting for the gift of better sight? There are great, affordable deals on fashionable eyewear sites such as Payne Glasses that have had strikingly positive 1.74 high index lenses review. What this means is that reviews for thinner prescriptions with the ability to add on blue light stoppers may be a stylish, unexpected and kind of techie gift to give your guests. For the women in your life who are hustlers, or love spending time on Pinterest, or are amused by writing daily blog posts for their hundreds and thousands of fans to read… they may get headaches and strained eyes, so why not give them the gift of this solution by alleviating their problems related to blue light exposure.

Bridal showers are normally organized by the bride’s Maid of Honor. A small invitation of the bride’s girlfriends should be invited on the list for the party that is meant to happen at least two weeks to two months before the big day.

If your bridal show is planned to not be a surprise, then here’s what you should do. First, consult the bride as to what type of bridal shower they are envisioning. Then make sure that you book your date at least three months in advance, and ask the important bridal party individuals whether or not they are available on that date. If not, try to find a date that will convene everyone. While you’re doing all your research, check out the nice 1.74 high index lenses review and testimonials to understand why these pretty chic eyewear options could be a nice gift option for the party guests. If you plan to do the bridal shower at a restaurant, bar or tea location, then you should definitely book way in advance.

As the Maid of Honor, you should consult your lovely bridesmaids for some fun brainstorming sessions. What kind of music, table centerpieces and decorations are you all feeling? What’s the theme of the party going to be? Decide on a budget and start reserving it all as soon as possible. Make this the ultimate party. When assembling and giving out the pretty invites at least one month prior to the date, make sure that you include information about the bride and groom’s registry. The rule of thumb is that guests should spend at least $30 on the bridal shower gift and at most $50.

As for party favors, you can sprinkle in some fun beauty items like nail polish or chocolates. However, a chic pair of eyewear for when the guests use the computer is a must!

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