The Overall – A Must Own Piece for Business Combinations as much as for Everyday Combinations

 Are you tired of blindly following trends that other than making you feel stylish they don’t make you comfortable in your own skin? If so, you will be thrilled to find out that the most famous 90s trend is making a huge comeback. Yes, we are talking about the overalls.

Women all over the world are super excited because they represent the perfect blend of comfort and style. No need to compromise on your style to be comfortable and vice versa, when you can have it all. The overalls combinations are truly limitless. Mostly seen on the streets worn by fashionistas as a huge part of their urban, chic style effortlessly combined in comfortable yet one fashion-forward outfit. As a final piece from the puzzle, overalls, in the same way, will complete your wardrobe. More stylish than your ordinary jeans, you will find the overalls even easier to make combinations with. The thing is, they come in so many different vibrant colors and patterns that it practically impossible not “to find” yourself and what`s, even more, they come in a variety of sizes all the way to plus saize overalls. Knowing all this, you will find them easy to incorporate in every possible occasion.

· Business combinations (semi-formal)

Prioritize feeling comfortable and fashionable even when working. Of course, you do have a dress code but on the bright side when thoughtfully combined with the right pieces of clothing overalls will leave you looking stunning and work-appropriate. To get a more toned done combination, choose one-colored oversized overall, this way you will stay conservative without showing your body figure, but you can choose a patterned blouse that will add a layered and effortlessly-looking put together outfit. You will be the office example of how you can look stylish and chic and at the same time feeling comfortable all day long. For more formal yet business occasions you can add stylish fitted or peplum blazer that will add structure and layering to your combination. Complete this look by adding the perfect tote bag and a pair of stylish footwear like wedges or stiletto shoes.

· Everyday casual combinations

Nothing easier than putting on your favored overall when going out for a coffee with your friends or for a walk in the nearby park. As easy as it sounds you will be ready to go in minutes. Choose some fun patterned overall with flowers or stripes, neutral T-shirt white, beige or black to achieve the perfect everyday casual combination. With ease run your everyday errands in town, no more feeling the unbearable tight feeling, like you can`t breathe or move. Casual and fun, fashionable and comfortable all day long. Complete the overall look by adding a super-practical colorful backpack for all your essentials. Don’t forget to add interesting and detailed accessorize, maybe some friendship similar minimalistic bracelets and summer themed rings. For the really hot days throw in Panama hat too, that will be practical and protect you from the “burning” sun and will add a dose of extra summer vibe.

Whatever type of overall you choose, patterned colorful vibrant stylish casual, don’t forget to be yourself. Your outfit should ultimately represent and reflect the person that you are. Embrace and accept your uniqueness and show it through your wardrobe.

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