Custom Made Patches for Almost Anything You Want a Patch For

Websites to design and order custom patches can be found all over the internet. Custom design patches are a cost-efficient promotional item that gets high exposure. Custom patches can be made in almost any size and shape to match the customer’s needs and design specification. These patches are perfect for any special event where it is important to reach many people in a direct and quick way. And for those on a tight budget, they are quite affordable.

An assortment of embroidery options

These custom patches can be made in an assortment of embroidery options. From 50{d166d3f2b0d6b4c82625454594c209f57df15d082158aea3115f051f52ee73ae} to 100{d166d3f2b0d6b4c82625454594c209f57df15d082158aea3115f051f52ee73ae}. Also, you can have the size of your custom patch to be as small as 1.5 inches all the way up to 12 inches. They are perfect for backpacks to jackets, custom designed patches can go almost everywhere. They also come in a variety of options such as sticker to iron-on and from fleece to velcro, so you have a wide section of options for attachment.

Do you need some idea for custom design patch?

  • Display a company logo on a uniform with a patch and they can be made to look like classic embroidered look for a fraction of the cost;
  • Have your school logo on display with a custom-made patch. You have the option to have the patch made with anywhere from 50{d166d3f2b0d6b4c82625454594c209f57df15d082158aea3115f051f52ee73ae} to 100{d166d3f2b0d6b4c82625454594c209f57df15d082158aea3115f051f52ee73ae} embroidery;
  • Create a small iron-on patch to give out for fundraising. A great way to get your brand recognized.

Ordering is a snap

Not only do you have a lot of choices, but ordering is fast. Most of the websites will have a form to fill out to order custom design patches with many specific details as possible.


There is also one website where you can get custom embroidered military patches. They have custom designs for every branch of the military. You can also design custom military patches for units, special squad and organizations to commemorate service in military campaigns throughout all branches of the United States military

Kids Groups

Custom patches are also a nice gift if you are the leader of any kids’ groups like 4H, marching band, cheerleaders, and all types of sports.

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