Factors to Consider While Customizing your Wedding Ring

Buying a wedding ring is one of the most exciting experiences in one’s life. Everyone wants it to be perfect and unique as it illustrates their own style. Since it will be worn for a lifetime the size and shape of the ring should be perfect.  When you start looking for wedding rings, you come across a lot of options to choose. From the choice of metal to type of stone, everything puzzles you and there’s no denying it. The very idea of selecting the perfect ring for your partner can become overwhelming.

If you cannot find the ideal ring, you can also opt for custom designed rings for your big day. With custom wedding ring Washington DC, you get an option to design a ring that perfectly matches your unique style. Here is a list of considerations that can help you in designing a perfect wedding ring:

1. Your partner’s Style

Your partner will be wearing the ring for life. To decide on the perfect design and style, you need to find an answer to a few questions before you move forward. What color does your partner like? Does he/she like a traditional style ring or a unique, one of a kind style rings?

2. Lifestyle

Whenever anyone thinks of a wedding ring, they picture an elegant ring with a giant gemstone placed on its top. If your partner is sporty, is working at a place where they do not have to sit all day on a desk, a super wide ring or a big gemstone is not really a good choice. But In case you still want something similar, consider a bezel set stone that will add same sophistication and sparkle to the ring. The bezels are a perfect replacement for the gemstones.

3. Add some personal touch

You can add some personal touch to the custom design of your ring that will mean a lot for your partner while keeping the style and elegance. For example, add a shell inlay to the ring with the shells that the two of you might have collected during your last vacation. Or you can use two kinds of metals and blend them together in the ring to symbolize the union of two hearts. You can also get laser carved designs to get something personal and completely unique.

4. Stick to your Budget

Once you consider all the above factors for your custom ring design, you need to decide on the budget. You can work with the store to create the perfect wedding ring that fits your budget.

When you opt for a custom wedding ring Washington DC, you should always take these points into considerations to ensure that you have the perfect ring for your big day. See to that your ring is simple and avoid using too many complications into the ring as it might spoil the design. The store should be able to bring to life any custom design that you desire.

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