Women are more than a word, it is more than a phrase. Women’s day is ticking around the corner, and preparations to make it a special day is going on in a complete rush. There are limited ways to celebrate the achievements of a woman, considering all the obstacles they have to overcome their goals. The celebration of this day is not an ordinary day and there are things we need to do in order to ensure that this day is not forgotten. One must not make the mistake of considering that it is an ordinary day and let it go unnoticed. But conventional ways of celebration are not enough. It is common that the day is generally celebrated by a full day telecast of shows portraying women’s bravery, chivalry displayed by women in the field of science, business, war, literature, art, and technology.

The tradition of presenting gifts is often considered as a nice way of acknowledging the efforts of women around the globe. One of the best ways to celebrate the coveted day is to present gifts to women. Gift recommendations are a tedious topic and one can devote hours of discussion to it. However, there is nothing to break your heads as this article has compiled ideal choices of gift recommendation for a phenomenal woman. These are some of the unique gifts which have a touch of unconventionality in them; making them perfect gift choices.

Tipsy Glass:

Nights of fun, nights of merrymaking and laughter and nights of endless celebration are made memorable with the help what is commonly termed as tipsy glasses. The old glasses used for drinking and celebration have been refined with a touch of modern art and the end result are these beautiful products. The glasses are marked by an elegant appearance that makes them fit for holding in any parties, royal gatherings, and special occasions. The term tipsy is derived from the fact that these glasses are an optimum blend of balance and weight. With this quality, there are reduced chances of breakage and toppling over in case of collisions.

The glasses are imprinted with any signature, phrase or anything special which increases their pricelessness. Having these glasses is a nice addition to the collection of expensive articles. When these are made for show off, why not display them during special occasions?! These glasses are a hit to the folks that got them for good days. Moreover, these glasses are very cute in appearance and reasonably priced. They are definitely conversation pieces as well as fun to have in possession. So lovable are these glasses that they are a blockbuster among every member of the family as well as guests who come to visit the house once in a while.

They also come with catchy taglines. Why should you keep the vintage wine bottled up?!

Nail polish holder [holdable]:

Nail polish is a craze among women of all age groups. The addition of the innovation in this product has made it even more of a craze. They even put two tabs above the ring holes that, with a squeeze, easily transfer the gadget from one hand to another without having to pull the rings off over wet nails. The product solves the problem of drips, spills & the inconvenience of reaching for the bottle. The nail polish can be cleaned with soap and water. Polish has never been easier. It is a one-piece cast form, made of silicone. It fits securely on two fingers of your hand (or on your thumb). Two of the similar articles can comfortably be worn at a time for nail art, different polish colors or base, and topcoats. The unique bottle grip system securely holds any size bottle, even when your hand is held upside down, yet the bottle can be easily removed from the same.

 Be it in a car, on a bed, standing, in a restroom, on a train or bus, at the pool or beach, on a couch or chair. And last but not least, it is apparently compatible with over a thousand nail-polish brands. Being portable and adaptable are two most significant features of this product and it is an excellent companion for women who have to travel frequently and do not get adequate time for brief touch-ups.

Custom paintings:

One of the leading custom service portals garnering worldwide attention is Portrait Flip. With a repertoire over custom paintings of all categories commonly preferred among people, they stand apart in terms of service and quality of paintings. Similar to the common procedure of a custom painting tradition, a photo needs to be taken of a face, or a scenery, or anything relevant. This photo can be sent down to the contacts provided on their website. Once sent there are two things to be mentioned to the artists: the painting style and the frame size. The painting styles offered are charcoal, watercolor, oil and pencil sketches. Depending on the style, the painting may take a certain time to dry. For frame sizes, there are big sizes, medium sizes, small sizes and lastly custom sizes where the dimensions are selected specifically by the customer.

Painting purchase is not the only reason one should log in to the portrait Flip website. The portal is a splendid collection of handmade paintings based on customer requests around the globe. Have fun enjoying the beauty of paintings when they reflect the desires of the people!

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