It is getting close to prom time again! Prom hairstyles 2018 are (next to the gown) the most important part of that special night. The hair much compliments the dress as well as the color needs to flatter the makeup and skin tone. Having the right hairstyle to go with the dress is key for you to feel great about yourself.

Hair length

With the hairstyle, you need to consider the hair length and how that style will need to stay in place for several hours. Be careful to secure the hairstyle with pins and hairspray as this will help the hair from not falling apart before the night is over.

Long, medium or short length hair

With long hair, an up-do or a half-up style is two of the many options. With medium or short length hair, there are the more style options. Chignons, slicked-back styles, and crown braids are great for medium and short hair. For hair that is longer, a French side braid with ends that are curled is an easy but elegant style and a teased up-do is another fabulous look. If you have any beauty magazines there are many beautiful styles that can be found as well as a search of the internet will also give you more options.

Hair colors

As for hair colors for 2018, perhaps you should try it early before deciding if this is what you want to do. If you are a brunette planning to become a blond, make sure that a hairdresser or hair stylist is going to do the color change. Doing it yourself is not really a safe option. Damage does occur when using bleach to lighten your hair but a good hairdresser can do it safely. If you are into the bold and bright colors such as blues or pinks, make certain that the color will not clash with the color of your dress.

Do color early

Whatever color you decide on – brown, blond or crazy – be certain to do it with at least a week before the prom. This way if you hate it there is still enough time to do an emergency color change. Don’t wait to the last minute as this never works out.

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