Kanika Wear – Unleash Your Sportiva

“Kanika” in a mis-spelling (playfully) of the word in Spanish for marble. This name of an activewear line that is designed for all women who are “Petite Sportivas” and are 5’4” and under. Women who are petite and small in stature, but are strong, beautiful and unique in their own ways and now have Kanika Wear that fit just perfectly.

Fitness and health

Those who passionately pursuit fitness and healthy lifestyles are quite inspirational and that is why this company carries these sizes. Everyone is beautiful in their own uniquely spelled way and add something to this beautiful world! So, the mission of this company is to support those women who are small with activewear that serves an outward reflection of the bold, strong, and beauty these women are.

Why petite activewear

If you exercise a lot, you know the sweat and the burn as well as that great feeling of accomplishment. Are you a fitness enthusiast? Do you thrive on living an active life? Then there is no doubt you probably love a great pair of leggings – that really fits. How often have you tried some on, only to discover that they are “too long” or the high-rise waist is much too high? Still, since you like them so much, you might need to try to make them work, by hemming them. Then, there is the disappointment when you realize you would need to cut off part of the design, the ankles fit much to lose, not like tight leggings.

Petite women

Unfortunately, for petite women when it comes to activewear, they have limited choices. Although there are many activewear companies, few of them offer apparel that can fit these petite statures. Being 4’10” and quite active, the owner of this company understood the experiences with this dilemma that is repeatedly frustrating. And it made her wonder “why with so many athletic apparel companies out there, does it have to be so hard to find high-quality activewear that fits petites.” And these bigger sizes are often not comfortable, functional and attractive for the petite woman. She felt that this was so unacceptable, especially when there are so many petite women who have this problem.

This was the beginning of Kanika Wear.

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