Kaydara Plaids Is Plaid at Its Best

Being an element that is essential to the decoration of some people, the plaid is a perfect companion to wrap up in and binge watch a television series, read that book you bought last year, or to just think or dream. It brings comfort and warmth which is a cozy cocoon to have a great snuggle in.

Comfort and well-being

Kaydara plaids is a soft, quality refinement that offers comfort and well-being, and has that luxurious touch and a design in harmony with most other things you own.

In harmony

Softness, quality, and refinement, provide comfort and well-being. These noble and warm materials, with original and trendy patterns and colors, as well as an unmatched feeling, are woven and designed by hand, in compliance with the traditional weaving methods. All the pieces at Kaydara Paris are unique or limited series. To view the collection, go to https://www.instagram.com/kaydara.paris/


Plaid is one of the most widespread and recognizable designs in the world, coming in just about any color and shade. Plaid has meant a lot of various things to many different people during the thousands of years that it has been worn.

What you feel

Whether you adore it or find it a symbol of all thing “hipster”, there are ever-present patterns in modern fashion. From Vivienne Westwood to Alexander McQueen, designers love this cross-hatched pattern and at the same time its preppy and punk connotations. Considering its popularity currently, plaid’s history will surprise you – it hasn’t always been any country’s choice of pattern.

Difference between plaid or tartan

Many of us don’t even know the difference between plaid or tartan. Tartan is a reference to the exclusive pattern cloths to separate one geographical region or Scottish clan from another. The unique Scottish definition, a “plaid” was a Celtic blanket or kilt which served as the outer layer infighting the elements of the Highland.

Plaid flannel shirt

Plaid materials, as well as plaid clothing, can be found at many places on the internet. There are a plethora of colors and shades of color. There probably are not many people who at one time or another haven’t owned a plaid flannel shirt usually to sleep in. If you haven’t, there is time to find one on the internet now!

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