Makeup tips for beginners- to achieve the flawless look

From the beginning, women are expected to look their best most of the time. In ancient days women used to put natural ingredients on their face to look more beautiful. If a timeline can be made, then people will get an idea about how makeup has evolved over the years. Over the years one can see people have started to purchase more makeup. Previously only women used to wear makeup, but nowadays men too wear them on a daily basis. Due to this, the need of makeup has increased excessively in recent years. Makforups are easily available in the market for the consumers to purchase, but it is vital for a person to know how one would apply it. For buying make-up items and trending clothes at budget-friendly prices, Spell & The Gypsy Collective coupon code. While putting on makeup, people can make many mistakes which will make them look bad. Many makeup hacks and tips are found online which can be seen and studied before applying makeup.

Some makeup tips for beginners

Before putting on makeup there, the skin should be appropriately prepared for the best results. You need to cleanse the face first. There are various cleansers available for different skin type, i.e., people with dry skin should use cream-based cleanser whereas oily skin should be cleaned with gel based. Next for people with oily or acne prone skin, one should apply a good toner using a cotton ball. One of the necessary step to prepare the skin is to hydrate it. After applying the toner, a good moisturizer should be used. This step helps to hydrate the skin and give a smooth finish.

Face Primer:

When doing makeup, one should always put primer on first. It is a step people tend to skip or forget. The primer helps to reduce the appearance of the pores present in our face and sets the base for the makeup. It also assists the makeup to stay on longer and give a smooth finish. A person can purchase the face Primer or even opt for a different BB cream, CC cream or any tinted moisturizer that is suitable for their skin.

Concealer and color corrector:

If seen firmly, everyone has different types of spots present in their face. They might be blemishes or different kinds of spots. To get rid of these problems, concealer and color corrector can be used. While purchasing a concealer, you should keep in mind that the shade should be two shades lighter than the original skin tone. Concealer can be used to cover dark circles. On the other hand, color corrector comes in various colors. And one should be aware of which color to put on which place of the skin.


There are multiple kinds of foundation available in the market. For example, consistency can be different, and coverage can vary. Foundation sticks and liquid foundation are found, and medium to full coverage can be achieved. It is used to even out the skin tone and makes the skin unnaturally bright. But one should be very careful while purchasing a foundation as it should match the skin tone. Different foundation brush can be used to apply it, and a sponge should be used to blend it properly.


For beginners, eye makeup can be a bit tricky. Getting that flawless eye makeup can be achieved over time. But for starters, a single shade of eyeshadow should be used. It is suggested to apply pink or nude eyeshadow.


One of the primary product every woman can put on easily is kohl. Lining the waterline of the eyes can be done with a simple stroke. Whereas putting on eyeliner can be a difficult task. Although for beginners it is suggested to give a simple stroke rather than doing winged or double liners. One should experiment with both pencil and liquid eyeliner to see which one is more suitable. Pencil eyeliner gives a soft finish whereas liquid eyeliner gives a bold and darker finish.


People often tend to forget to use the product on their lips. It is essential to take care of the lips before putting on any product. Before applying makeup, a clean toothbrush should be used to gently scrub away all the dead skin cell present on the lips. After doing so, a good hydrating moisturizer should be applied. Then use a looking line the lips and fill it. This step makes the lipstick stay longer. Then use a liquid or stick lipstick that compliments the overall makeup look.

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