GenY GmbH is a Company in the heart of Zurich and was founded in 2017 by Karl Kieser. It all began because of frustration as a user and most of the time asking why smartwatches must be cheaply built and unaesthetic. This was the beginning; where GenY decide to starts to build there own Watch. The GENY ONE.

Luxury Hybrid Smartwatch

As a Swiss company they felt responsible to offer clients the best smartwatch at a reasonable price without any compromising. Their 1st focus was the watch design and then to be innovative and be fair which corresponds to the Swiss standard. That’s why they opted for a hybrid Smartwatch design.

This is now done, and the Kickstarter Limited Edition will launch soon!


The features include:

  • Swiss movement
  • Patented Swiss design
  • Touch screen
  • Fully resistant against scratch
  • Blood pressure gauge
  • Tracking sleep
  • Heart monitor
  • Anti-mobile loss function
  • Distance Meter
  • Water resistant 3ATM
  • Calorie counter
  • Note reminder
  • Call message notifications

Generational shift

Generational shift as well as the rising levels of fitness and health awareness have made smartwatches a must have accessory. Obesity is well known to have reached an epidemic proportion in the developed world, and healthy lifestyle choices are now favored. Unfortunately, half of the people who take on weight losing programs drop out in the very first 6 months, all because of lack of motivation. It has been statistically proven that tracking there own success with Smartwatches can boost their own motivation. This will keep the wearer active for a longer time period which has positive impact on health and lifestyle. By the way, the Smartwatch is the most preferred wearable in four of ten cases, which makes this the number one tracking tool in the World.


The technology comes from Shenzhen, which is a city in the heart of China and supplies the entire world with high-tech products. This is the place where the fully scratch resistant Luxury Hybrid Smartwatch is build.

GENY ONE stands for sustainability and reliability. That is why they used only the highest standards to produce this luxury hybrid smartwatch.

Goal met

There goal was to create a unique and highly aesthetic timepiece with incredible features and it is believed that they build the most advanced hybrid smartwatch which will be soon on kickstarter.

The early bird price will be 299. – CHF excl. shipping. Exactly the right Christmas present for all sports freaks out there who value sportiness combined with luxury.

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