Order the Time Lock Safe to Help Anyone Battling an Addiction

Battington Security Limited sell many brands of safes online. They are agents for many brands of safes. If you are looking for a “time lock safe” this is where you can go.

Time lock safe

This safe will help anyone to lock anything away and only unlocks at the specific times you have set prior. It comes in two sizes. This is the perfect safe if you are trying to beat an addiction of any type. Cigarette, drugs, video games, cell phone can be locked in the safe and can only be opened after whatever time passes. This time is programmed inside the safe.

100 percent control

You just need to decide, before you are locking the safe, exactly when you want to open it up again. Once it is locked, you will not be able to open the safe until the time frame you have set.

Multiple Uses

You can lock up cigarettes, drugs, keys, money small parts of any video games and almost anything else.


These safes have a warranty of 2 years. If it is not what you need or isn’t working just return the Safe Box within 30 days for a full refund.

The Safe will come with:

  • Timer – weekly programmable time that is installed inside the safe. This allows any user to set time intervals controlling when the safe is opened.
  • Charger – power adapter needed for each country (US, UK, EU), with a 7.5 feet/2.3 meters cable.
  • Keyes – two backup keys to override the lock.
  • Anti-Bouncing System – prevents safe-bouncing.
  • Batteries – 4 AA.
  • Secure Deposit Slot – Anti-fishing flap for the deposit slot.
  • Support & Instructions – Detail video instructions as well as free support to configure the safe for your wants and your needs.
  • Free Shipping – Available in stock 2 day worldwide shipping for free.

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