Paraval was established in 2016 by president and founder, Omer Parachi. This is an aviation inspired label of luxury that is based exclusively in Los Angeles. This clothing line is mainly meant as leisurewear.

Passing on a message

By the way they dress, they are seeking to pass on a message to their audience; they also aid you when speaking to those who see you. Wearing Paraval is an expression of your identity. They had you in mind when they created these stylish designs. This handiwork is the way to speak out about your uniqueness. Paraval is not just a fad; it is who you are, written in fabric that is quality and has a touch of love and a big blast of energy bringing out your very best.

Your authenticity

Paraval are clothes whose original ideas were developed in the minds of the designers and brought to life by the attention of handiwork of our seamstresses in the heart of Los Angeles. The stitching and complete manufacturing are all done from scratch in the factories located in Los Angeles, California, in the US.


The denim in our jeans for men and ripped skinny jeans are selected from the very best coming from Italy. It is 98{d166d3f2b0d6b4c82625454594c209f57df15d082158aea3115f051f52ee73ae} cotton and 2{d166d3f2b0d6b4c82625454594c209f57df15d082158aea3115f051f52ee73ae} elastin. Once stitched these jeans are washed in exactly the best ways to make them softer and unique as compared to most products out there. All their jeans are fifteen ounces of denim. The t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts are also made in Los Angeles. They are 100{d166d3f2b0d6b4c82625454594c209f57df15d082158aea3115f051f52ee73ae} cotton, which is also flown in from Italy. The sateen in our jackets resemble satin and comes from Japan, but also is hand stitched in LA. They are dispensed all over the world, from Los Angeles.

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