Shopping for Your First Cigars

It can be a huge headache when it comes to buying your first few cigars, as you are presented with a brand new set of vocabulary and an endless list of different types, tastes, and styles. Here we have broken down the process of purchasing your first cigar, to help you feel less daunted. So, have a read of this simple guide that helps beginners buy suitable cigars, helping you make your first few purchases a success.

1. Shop with tobacconists

This is as important as tobacconist only stock quality cigars, of which they often personally recommend. They have a large selection of cigars that have been well cared for and have experts on hand to help advise you on your smoking endeavors. If you’re really want to learn about cigars, then your local tobacconist is the perfect learning ground.

2. Buy a few at a time

When you don’t know which cigars you like and don’t like, it is always a shame when you make an individual purchase of one cigar and don’t enjoy it. You need to try a few to get an idea of the range in taste, types, and origin. After you have tried a few from your first order, you can hone in on your personal preference to start buying cigars you really love.

3. Start mild

Cigars come in a range of strength, coming from mild to full-bodied. Taking on a full-bodied cigar the first few times can be incredibly overpowering for someone that hasn’t had much experience, so take your time and begin with mild cigars. They will enable you to work up to the stronger types.

4. Don’t spend crazy money

Take into account the price of your cigar. A general rule in the industry is that you get what you pay for. With that said, you will see plenty of cigars that are surprisingly high priced, but at the same time will easily find suitable cigars for under £10. At the beginner level, there are more than suitable and will ensure you a great smoking experience. Once your palate develops, you can begin to treat yourself to more expensive, extravagant smokes.

5. Choose Cigars from known cigar locations

Famed locations such as Cuba and Honduras produce top quality cigars and are normally safe choice when it comes to selecting them as your smoke. Cuban cigars are notorious for their high quality smokes, thanks to the sophisticated and developed cigar industry. Cuban cigar rollers are known as “torcedores” and are considered the most skilled rollers in the world. Some of the leading Cuban cigars are available through brands such as Bolivar, Montecristo, Romeo & Julieta, Cohiba among many more.

If you wish to learn more about the beginnings of cigar smoking, types of cigars, or about the various accessories associated with cigar smoking, get in touch with a reputable, experienced, and reliable tobacconist. These industry experts will be more than happy to chat with you about the various types and brands of cigars, to help you discover your new favorite taste.

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