The best navel piercings and body modification in Minnesota

Body modification is one of the world’s oldest art forms when it comes to expressing an individual’s thoughts and perspectives. When it comes to body modifications, the tattoos are particularly popular among the youngsters. These tattoos are usually designed based on individual choices and preferences. You can have your favorite quote, a logo, a symbol or a sign glued up on your body in the form of tattoos. It is undoubtfully a kind of inspiration.

Besides tattoos, piercing has been one of the most straightforward body modification which everyone from every part of the world embraces. There are many kinds of piercing, from the common ear piercing to tongue piercing and other body piercing options. This article will speak about navel piercings Minnesota and tell you more about the offers and the ways to take good care of the pierced area of the body.

Almost Famous Body Piercing

Almost Famous Body Piercing, a body piercing shop located at both Minnesota and Dakota, offers the best body piercing services. They provide a wide variety of body piercing that suits every individual’s taste. Almost Famous Body Piercing offers facial piercings, lip piercings, and other body piercing options including navel piercings.

Navel Piercing: What is it?

Naval piercing is one of the trendiest body piercing particularly with women who love to show off their curves while wearing tank-tops. Navel piercing or most commonly known as belly button piercing is a type of piercing which allows you to wear barbell body jewelry. The piercing is made at the upper part of the belly button making the barbell jewelry dangle down the belly button.

On the other hand, some people prefer to have their barbell jewelry place at the bottom of the belly button as it offers a genuine touch and a more fashionable look. Almost Famous Body Piercing provides the best navel piercings in Minnesota. They also provide their clients and customers with the best information on how to treat each piercing for them not to get infected.

Treating Your Navel Piercing

Just like other piercings, Almost Famous Body Piercing gives their clients some piercing aftercare information. It mostly requires the customer to clean the piercing with glycerin soap and sea salt gently. Given this information, Almost Famous Body Piercing recommend their customers who have undergone navel piercings, to be careful in treating their wounds to ensure that the barbell jewelry does not subside back into the hole. The problem arises mostly when the barbell jewelry is massive or when the injury does not completely heal.


Almost Famous Body Piercing offers the best body piercing services for those who want to express their ideas, thoughts, and lifestyle through the art of body piercing. With their vast variety of body piercing options, Almost Body Famous Body Piercing will undoubtedly give its customers the best, safest and cleanest service ever.

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