The Duties Of A Bridesmaid On The Big Day

It is a known fact that the role of a bridesmaid is very important to the bride, which is why you should do whatever you can to keep her happy. This also includes choosing the right dress that compliments her wedding ceremony and if you shop for the Adelaide bridesmaid dresses, you will surely find the right one.

Stay calm

As the lead bridesmaid, your role on the big day is of great importance not only to the bride but to the guests as well. It is your job to stay calm and avoid any misunderstandings or awkward moments during the whole wedding ceremony.

On the morning of the big day, you should make sure that everyone is doing what they are supposed to do. The right clothes and accessories need to be ready for the bride, and you also need to be able to deal with any emergencies that might arise.

Some other duties on the big day will include you and the other bridesmaids helping your bride put on her dress, get her hair, nails, and make-up done, while still making sure that everything is running smoothly with the ceremony.

Carry emergency supplies

You never know what can go wrong, so it is always a smart idea to carry your own emergency supplies. This can include a box of tissues, lipstick, powder, mirror, or anything else that you think your bride might need.


When everything is ready, the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride will arrive at the wedding first, where a photographer might want to take few pictures before the bride arrives. This should be organized by the chief bridesmaid.

The ceremony

After the bride has arrived, make sure that everyone is at their positions. The bride will be very excited, which means that you need to stay calm and deal with any problems that might occur along the way. Make any necessary adjustments to the bride’s dress and veil before she takes the first steps, just so she looks absolutely perfect for her big ceremony.

Specific duties

The bridesmaids have a very specific duty when talking about the actual ceremony. You have to follow your bride into the venue, or you will go first, depending on the style of the wedding, and you are supposed to sit near the front. Make sure that you know where you are supposed to go, and you also need to ensure that the parents of the young children who are carrying the flowers or rings are close.

When the bride has joined the groom, the lead bridesmaid should take the gloves and the bouquet, and look after that while the ceremony is on. If the ceremony is held in a church, after the couple has signed the register, the lead bridesmaid is supposed to go with them to the side or vestry room, together with the best man.

Have many rehearsals beforehand

Before the big day actually comes, you should ask your bride to have rehearsal parties. In this way you will know exactly what you are supposed to do. Not all brides expect the same from their bridesmaids, so be sure that you talk to her before the ceremony.

Final word

The wedding ceremony is something that will always be remembered, which is why you should do everything perfectly. Make sure that you and the other girls wear an incredibly beautiful bridesmaid formal dresses.

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