The New Hair Piece from Hottie® Hair Is Actually a New Concept

Clipo! ™ Hottie® Hair is a new concept that has just been created by Hottie® Hair founder CryStyle. By merging two of their most beloved types of temp hair extension Clip-In and Halo Style Hair extensions, this creates a unique third piece you are going to love.

Lots of pieces

A set of Clip-In extensions normally comes in 7 to 11 plus pieces and often take a long time to install. But so many pieces can give you excellent coverage around your entire head, making them quite popular. Considering the amount of time, it takes to install Clip-Ins; the Halo Style hair extension came and offered women an easier and quicker way to all volume and length in mere seconds. But, a one-piece set lacks the face-framing pieces that a full head Clip-In set of others.

Merge two types

CryStyle saw the need to try to merge these two wonderful types of extensions to give the woman the best of both worlds. This would be a quick and easy to install; yet coverage complete hair extension set. Those who love the Clip-Ins or Halos are going to fall in love with Clipo! ™ Hottie® Hair.

More information

You can go to and to learn more about all these hair extensions as well as the brand new product.

Twenty-year experience

With almost 20 years of experience with hair extensions, CryStyle has found that really high quality remy human hair is in some cases often hard to find. Even if a seller states it is; it is almost always not and can fool many at first. It is often quite hard to know without washing the hair many times only to find it becomes a tangly mess. A big reason a real Remy hair is more expensive and most commonly sold in high-end permanent hair extensions that can be washed often. Bearing all of this in mind CryStyle wants you to be able to wash this hair with no worries and has designed them with this higher quality real Remy hair. This is another big reason to love your new Clip! ™ Hottie® Hair!

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