Thomas Lavone – The Name Behind Classic Summer Dresses

We all have wanted at some point in our life to have the best wardrobe that any girl can possibly imagine; a wardrobe full of clothes from a designer brand, a wardrobe that no one can compete with – well if we are one the same page here, then Thomas Lavone’s limited edition Spring/summer collection is what we need to splurge on during this sizzling hot season!

Inclusive Line

From New York to Paris, we have seen it all come to the conclusion that Thomas Lavone’s Spring Summer Collection is truly a limited edition gem; it is an all-inclusive line which covers all sizes from 2-22. Is that not a shocker? That is the most inclusive range of sizes we have seen over the past few months and that too from a brand that is still in its evolutionary stages. No, we are not bragging about their initiative, but appreciating it for what it is.

Style & Design

Yes. This is the most crucial part of this line which decides whether it is a winner or a loser, whether it should be in your wardrobe or on the racks of the outlet. Thomas Lavone’s Spring Summer Limited Collection features Jersey knit dresses that are stretch stitched and double self-band at neckline. Each dress in this collection is a luxurious Jersey-knit dress; stitched to caress each and every nook and cranny of your body to show off that perfectly toned hourglass figure – actually, even if you do not have one, wearing this would ultimately smoothen up those extra layers so they blend in. This collection encapsulates the very meaning of pattern burlesque; making use of bright hues of blue, black and white merging them with animal print to give a psychedelic final look.

Value for Money

Each dress is retailed at a price of $180 minimum, now that is something one can really consider and hoard all their collection because $180 is a bare minimum that you can spend on a dress – that too from a high-end luxury brand that guarantees quality over price!


Thomas Lavone’s collection is not a miss, in fact, it is a real hit! it is the most affordable range of clothes for spring summer season, so get on your budgeting planner and start listing down all the classic dresses that you will be donning this season from their limited edition collection making all the ladies of your town super jealous! P.S. Get ready! We will be hosting a pop-up shop in NYC on 5/19/18 at 434 E 9th St, East Village. Pop up shop hours 11:00 am-7pm, so come join us!

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