Tips for Buying Formal wear for Men

Buying formal wear can be a challenge, especially for young men who are just entering the job force. It’s really not that hard once you shop around. Be careful, however, of what you spend money on. First, read a stylebook or a formal wear guide before spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive outfit. You should be cautious when buying online because you need to know your measurements. If you have only little experience in buying formal wear, here are several tips:

The Fit is Everything

When it comes to formal wear, just like most other outfits, the fit is everything. The clothing should not hug your body, because then it will be too tight. It should not feel too roomy either, because then the clothes would just hang about your frame loosely, which is definitely not the sharp look you were going for. So, it’s very important to take all your measurements when buying formal wear. In addition to standard measurements, you may want to measure your wrist and neck as well to find the right fit for the collar and cuffs. If you can afford it, a tailor will be able to give you the precise measurements you need.

Choose the Tie Wisely

The tie can make a big statement with your formal outfit. So, it’s important to choose the right one. You can wear either a necktie or a bowtie. Bowties are usually considered appropriate for highly formal functions, like dinners or galas. If you are going for a formal business event, then a necktie would be best. The tie should match the overall outfit you are wearing. A tie, essentially, adds character to an outfit. Men’s formal wear tends to be a bit drab. You colour choices are largely limited to black, white, grey or dark blue. So a tie is the best way to show off some colour and wit with your outfit. When buying ties Australia, match the item to the occasion and the time of the day.

Watch Out for Shirt Sleeve Length

The shirtsleeve should never be too short or too long. If it’s too long, it will be difficult for you to do things like write or eat with cutlery. If it’s too short, the others will definitely notice it. The idea shirtsleeve should fall to the base of your wrist. Ideally, it should touch the bone that sticks out on your wrist, and the bottom knuckle of your thumb. It should never come towards your hand, especially when you flex your wrist. Make sure the shirtsleeve covers your wrist when your arms are down.

Check Fit of Shirts without Raising Arms

If you want to make sure a shirt fits, drop your arm to the side and relax. Now see if the shirt feels just right against your skin, not too tight or too loose. If you raise your arms to test shirts, you will never find the right fit. Besides, you won’t know if the shirtsleeve fits unless your arms are at your side.

Try Pants with Dress Shoes

Don’t end up in a formal occasion with ill-fitting pants. To make sure your pants fit, you should always try them on with dress shoes on. The pants should graze the top of the shoes, and not come down towards the ankles, or expose your socks.

Always try on the full outfit before buying clothes. That’s the only way to know that everything fits and goes well together.

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