Types of Genuine Leather for Handbags

Buying a leather bag doesn’t always mean you will get a great quality product. Because there are different types of leather, there is a difference in quality. It is similar to human skin, so it needs to be taken care of. When you know what is different between these types, it would be easier to find the quality you are looking for, and potentially save money.

If you plan to spend a little bit more in order to get something great then better do some research, before you make a move. There are a lot of online stores that offer great products and service, but you can be sure only when you try it yourself. A lot of people are trying to sell fake handbags for a big price, and they are becoming very good at it. So, visit a couple of pages before you make a decision.

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Faux Leather

When you visit a bag store, you will find products that are marked as faux leather, but that isn’t a real type of it. It is artificial, but it may look very luxurious and the quality is great as some other types. When you gain a little bit of experience with these products, you will know to spot the difference.

When you know if it is the faux leather, just check if there are no creases or deformities because every genuine leather bag has them. Even if it is similar to the real thing, there are benefits of this type like great durability. They can be very affordable and it can look better than others. Many people who are against animal use for goods are buying these products.

Read this to learn how to tell real vs. faux leather.

Lambskin and Patch Leather

Lambskin leather is a kind of skin that originates from the sheep. One of the greatest features of this material is its soft texture that is very appealing to customers. Although this material can be used to make the softest leather handbags, the worst thing about it is that it can easily be deformed or torn because of low durability features. There aren’t many places where you can find bags make out of this material because there are many better alternatives.

Many manufacturers are using a combination of lambskin and cowhide leather to make a product. This type is called patch leather and it is basically created of multiple smaller parts. If you don’t have a big budget, you may consider this option. A great thing is that the quality can be pretty high which it just depends on the manufacturer. But, even then, it isn’t a common selection of material to make handbags of.

Cowhide Leather

As the name says, this type is gained from the cow skin also called hide. Besides handbags, there are many other products that use this type of leather like luxury fashion items, car seats, and furniture. Many people that have knowledge in fashion will recommend buying handbags and purses made out of this material because of its high-quality features.

It has a very luxurious appeal and on top of that, it is quite durable. The difference between this type and others is that you should be capable of noticing the roughness of it very easily. Some famous brands like Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton, use cowhide leather for their clothing and other products.

Learn more about cowhide leather here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cowhide

Which Type to Pick?

Particularly for handbags, the best choice for the material is the cowhide leather. Get well-informed about how this type looks and what are the signs of high-quality leather. Sometimes it is better to invest more to have something that will last longer. But, because everything depends on the customer, if you like something softer and you don’t really care about the durability, than you may consider buying lambskin bags.

The use of skin also depends on the type of item. Faux or lambskin leather may better be used for cigarette, camera, and cell phone cases. If you like the durability than cowhide is the best option and you can also find a combination with other materials to make it softer and more appealing.

Top Grain Leather

This kind of leather grain highlights the separations of the split layer. When you compare it to full grain type, you will notice that it causes the leather to be thinner. The hide cover was sanded or buffed for this type of skin and a coating layer was implemented. It is not very breathable, but it is made to be stain resistant and durable. Popular brand won’t use this because it is coated and sanded, so it won’t be great for expensive products such as those leather used for designer bags.

The full-grain cowhide leather is the ultimate type of leather that you can use for best quality handbags. There is a whole study about which is perfect in what conditions and for which product. You don’t need to do further research unless you want to make your own products or manufacture handbags. The market is very large and the competition is very strong.

Maintaining Your Leather Handbags

If you bought an expensive bag and you notice that it starts to dry out or crack, it means that you have to moisturize it in order to keep it high-quality. There are a lot of leather creams online you can buy or leather dressing. You can always contact the manufacturer to give you a piece of advice about what you should use.

For dryness and cracks in the leather, you can use a number of waxes and oils. From time to tame you need to take care of it because it acts like human skin if it’s high-quality. People usually make a mistake and use soap or cleaners to maintain it, but that can only damage the material. Read more on this link.

When you use oils or the bag just got wet in the rain, always dry it slowly. Most of the stores will offer you maintaining products, if they don’t, ask for it. It won’t cost a lot, but it will do the job and make your goods last longer.

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