Valuemags’ Advice for Popping the Question

Valuemags offers an exceptional array of magazine subscriptions all at a great deal, one of them being the desired-after Bridal Guide. If you’re thinking that this year is finally the year that you’re going to propose to the love of your life, then we have some ideas in store for you.

Have you and you’re significant other always been the traveling type? Do you both live for experiencing new cultures and food, while walking down cobblestone streets or lush meadows to your next destination? The tough part about proposing during travel is that your partner may suspect it. We’ve heard many stories about men who will change character the day of or day before the proposal, only to leave their partner questioning whether or not the relationship will work. However, there are ways to still get the surprise factor in there. Proposing in a romantic setting is already enough to make your girl’s heart melt, but keeping her in suspense will ignite a fire in her chest when the moment actually happens. To all the romantics out there, here’s your hitchhiker’s guide to a proposal to remember.

  • First, pick your location. Make it meaningful, such as your first date location, a restaurant where you fell in love, at the school that you first laid eyes on each other at. If none of these places take the cake for you, then choose an exotic vacation spot that exudes romance in the air.
  • Sprinkle up the proposal with an incredible date idea. Plan a day where you mix it up between surprise excursions and planned out activities so that she doesn’t go into the day thinking that this will be the proposal day. Perhaps she has always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride, why not follow through with that plan as you visit Switzerland and get an air ridder to spell out “Will You Marry Me” while you’re up in the air together. Prior to this moment, you can have secret activities that she doesn’t realize you planned out, such as rose petals in a nook garden or balloons that a stranger so happens to give you as you walk by. You can also plan a spontaneous scavenger hunt for her in a neat way that you planned out an original city tour just for her (this works best if you are familiar with the city).
  • Recite your proposal speech, says an editor from Valuemags. It’ll make her heart plummet out of her chest if you continue to speak beautiful words to her as you confess your undying commitment to her just before you pop those four words.

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