Wedding Fashion – Where Tradition Meets Beauty

Wedding fashion has to be correct – who would want to go wrong on an occasion where all eyes are scrutinizing each other? A typical Indian wedding has loads to offer to eyes. There are beautiful Wedding Sarees, Jewellery, Make-up and variety of accessories that women use to doll themselves up like royalties. There is distinct feel about a wedding that attracts one and all and inspires everybody to be their best. So, here is how you must select your tip-to-toe attire to look a class apart on a beautiful occasion like this.

1. Choose the attire that goes with tradition

 Indian wedding has a lot to do with emotions and traditions, just like any other wedding in the world. You must start shopping for wedding attire a month in advance as you have a lot to put together. Blouse, accessories like bangles and others – all have to be in sync with each other. Also, your dressing style should match with the tradition. There is an unspoken code in Indian weddings that all are expected to follow when it comes to dressing up and this code is – go traditional.

2. Give statement jewellery a chance

 Weddings allow you not to hold back when it comes to experimenting with stylish jewelry pieces. Long necklaces or chokers, gorgeous balis, and waistbands are some of the options that you can consider to shine through the wedding. Here also the code is – do as much as you can pull off comfortably.

3. Hairdos

 Hair is another important part of wedding fashion and women just enjoy trying different hairdos to look different. Try hairdos that look great on your face and allow you to flaunt your jewelry beautifully too. A tastefully done hair is big game-changer and can help you go impressively with minimal efforts.

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