What To Do When The Current Trends Aren’t Your Style

When today’s current trends don’t really suit you, it’s a bit tricky to know what to wear. You can stick to the classic pieces, but this isn’t the only solution to the problem. There are plenty of stylish ways you can make sure you’re not left out of the fashion scene.

Every season brings new trends with it, and not every style is going to be your favourite. When a particular season really doesn’t tickle your fashion fancy, you can still stay in style but bypass this seasons trends. One way you can do this is by hiring a personal stylist, like Suzanne Baker over at Image M Style. Here’s some more ways you can avoid this seasons least flattering trends.

  • Opt for the classic pieces –

    Pencil skirts and smart trousers are great. Try and pair your neutral pieces with some really colourful tops to completely change your look.

  • Try some retro –

    Clothes that are retro never go out of style. Wear them with some modern classics to look truly fab.

  • Stay flirty and feminine –

    Define your waistline and go all out with those floaty skirts and pretty heels. Remain romantic and whimsical by choosing floral patterns.

  • Find stylish pieces that are tailored and neutral –

    Choosing structured and neutral pieces are always really trendy. Boyfriend jeans and a two toned jacket is in for most fashion seasons, so it’s a great staple to have in your wardrobe.

  • Mix it with classics and trends –

    If you do find some of the trendy items that you like, wear them with some of your wardrobe staple pieces to keep the outfit more to your taste. This is a lot of people’s favourite way of dressing.

The reason why you can play with fashion and don’t have to follow every trends is because we are truly in a fashion era that encourages creativity and personal style. Pay attention to the current styles and make sure you clothes fit. That way, you can wear pretty much anything and get away with it. The days are gone when something was in one season and out the next.

There’s always going to be certain trends that you’re not too keen on. But that doesn’t mean you have to be unstylish all season. Keep your head high when this seasons trends aren’t for you, and remember there’s always more than one way to be on trend.

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