Things to Keep in Mind When You Shop for the Bridesmaid Stuff

Bridesmaids are important members of your wedding party. They not only brighten up the whole wedding by looking drop dead gorgeous, but they’re also your main source of moral support. You need to decide who are going to be your bridesmaids and how many bridesmaids will be there for the wedding, months before the wedding. If you choose your bridesmaids and get their consent early, you can seek their help while shopping for the wedding dress and other stuff for the wedding.

Your bridesmaids need to look perfect and you will play a major role with it because after all, you’re the bride. Before you decide what you’re going to ask them to wear or assign them to bridesmaid tasks, here are a few things that you need to remember:

Setting a budget:

When you set a budget for your bridesmaids’ expenses, some brides may buy the bridesmaids their dresses and some may only partially pay for it. It’s okay if you don’t have a budget, you can request your bridesmaids to buy the dresses themselves.

Taking their opinion:

Don’t decide everything, related to the bridesmaid outfits, by yourself because they’re the ones who are going to wear them after all. Make sure that each one of them is comfortable with the dress and all of them can afford it. If not, you will have to help them with it or change the design to something that’s more affordable.

Don’t wait for the last moment:

Choosing a bridesmaid dress can take a lot of time and once that is settled, you have to think about your dress as well. If you don’t want things to get messed up due to procrastination, try to get the clothes and accessories at least two months prior to the wedding. However, make the final fittings for all the dresses during the last week; you never know who will put on weight or lose weight within those crucial two months.

Avoid too many trials:

Try to make a list of all the designs suggested by your bridesmaids. Sit them down and finalize one or two designs before trying them out. Do not think about any other designs because it will only complicate the whole process and make it impossible to finalize on one particular dress.

Create a Bridesmaid task list:

You will have to do a lot of things in the final stages of the wedding and creating a bridesmaid task list will help you distribute some work to your bridesmaids. By doing this, it will help your bridesmaids understand what exactly they have to do and that there won’t be any confusion at the last minute.

Bridesmaid gifts:

As a thank you for all the efforts they have put in for you, you have to get them the best bridesmaid gifts. Click here to check out 50 Fabulous Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for Your I Do Crew. Make sure you get the same gift for everyone, regardless of how close you are to the individual bridesmaids.

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