The great thing about embodying boho style is that you can be free-spirited and fun loving but also make a serious style statement every day. Of course, if you are planning to look effortless and chic every time that you step outside your home, you are going to need the right pieces. This is because while you do have a lot of choices when it comes to defining your boho style, there are also some staples that you can’t do without. These are what help to solidify your sense of fashion as carefree and avant-garde. Here are a few guidelines on just what you need:

A Maxi Dress

No boho wardrobe is complete without long, printed bohemian dresses – these are must-have items. The great thing about this style is that it can be worn all year long effortlessly. For the summertime, look for off-the-shoulder or thin strap designs in lighter materials. Throughout these months, you should focus on lighter colors, perhaps even some pastel shades. This will help to match the weather outside. During the winter, focus on patterns with high necks and covered sleeves so that you can stay warm. Although it is not necessary, you can stick with darker blue or grey shades to exude a cozier feeling for the cooler months.

Unconstructed Tops

With boho style, it is all about free-flowing designs. This is why it is quite rare for fitted, tight tops to make an appearance in a boho ensemble. You should for slightly boxier cuts or that have fluid and breezy silhouettes. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to swamp your figure in a fabric. To help pull this look together, consider cropped versions of unconstructed tops so that you are able to break up the look a bit. Or, opt for plunging necklines so that you are able to bare some skin. It is all about looking effortless without looking like you are drowning in your clothing.

Clothing Extras

The thing about boho style is that you always need at least one piece to help pull your entire outfit together. There are a few ways that you can go about this. First, there are the vests. The most common ones are the short, denim ones or the long-flowing knit versions. What is great about these is that they can be worn with dresses or jeans and can immediately add something extra to your ensemble. Then, you have your colorful, printed scarves. You are going to need several of these in your wardrobe. These accessories, too, can be worn with virtually any outfit and are good for an all year round addition.


No outfit is complete without the right shoes so it is important to get this feature right. During the warmer months, you can practically live in your embellished sandals. If you don’t want to walk around in anything too vibrant or clunky, you can simply do a pair of neutral-colored gladiator sandals. When the weather gets a bit frostier, it is time to cover up your toes and feet in a pair of flat or heeled ankle boots. If you still committed to keeping the boho vibe going, look for fringe and interesting detailing on the shoes.

So there you have it – the clothes and accessories that you need in your wardrobe to really embody the boho look. As long as these are a part of your collection, you will always be well dressed.

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